Works List


THE SECRETS OF DISSOLVE TRANSITIONS [2019]; violin and piano; 45’; commissioned by Lilit Hartunian and Ryan Vigil.

YET THERE IS HOPE. TIME AND TIDE FLOW WIDE [2019]; 3-part chorus, violin, 2 violas, cello, and piano; 3’; commissioned by Winsor Music.

BOUTONNIERE [2019]; piano and percussion, 5’; written for the Ludovico Ensemble.

THE MYSTICAL COSMETIC [2018]; piano and 13 instruments, 14’; written for pianist Kevin Madison.

ABSENT GRACE [2018]; chamber opera for soprano, tenor, and chamber ensemble, 11’; commissioned by Boston Opera Collaborative.

BLINDING VAPOURS OF FOAM AND WHITE FIRE [2018]; 53 performers (brass, percussion, and voice), 7’; commissioned by Make Music Boston.

HADYE [2018]; soprano, clarinet, and cello, 7’; commissioned by Juxtonal Ensemble.

DIRL [2018]; bass clarinet, cello, 3 percussionists; 45’; commissioned by the Ludovico Ensemble.

PARANDEHAYE FORUGH [2017]; 12 a capella voices; 13’.

KOMOREBI [2017]; oboe, clarinet, and violin; 7’; commissioned by Winsor Music.

PHOSPHENES [2017]; string quartet; 4'; written for the Lydian String Quartet.

APRIL 1987 [2017]; baritone saxophone and double bass; 7'; commissioned by the Boston Conservatory Chamber Series.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S MYSTIC CHORDS OF MEMORY [2016]; bass clarinet, bassoon, piano; 4'; commissioned by Chris Watford, Amy Advocat, and Aaron Likness.

WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD [2016]; harp; 13'; commissioned by Hannah Lash.

OIL & SUGAR [2016]; flute, clarinet, violin, piano; 8'30".

DIFFERENT KINDS OF LIGHT [2016]; soprano, cello; 11'; commissioned by the Diagenesis Duo; text by Jackson Mac Low.

WEAVERY [2016]; soprano, baritone, bass flute, cello; 7'30"; commissioned by the New Gallery Concert Series.

MARY MAGDALEN [2015]; soprano and cimbalom, 17'; commissioned by The Ludovico Ensemble; text from the Gnostic Gospels..

VIRGA [2015]; harp and percussion, 20'; commissioned by Duo Harpverk.

THE SPANGLED SEA, CALM AND COOL [2014]; tenor saxophone and piano; commissioned by Philipp Stäudlin and Yoko Hagino.

...THE ONE WARM SPARK IN THE HEART OF AN ARCTIC CRYSTAL... [2014]: prepared piano; 11’; commissioned by Kathleen Supové.

NACHTVOLL [2014]; flute, viola, harp; 9’; commissioned by Trio Notturno.

FLOURISH [2013]: 3 trombones; 6’; commissioned by John Faieta.

BRAIN DOUBLE [2013]: flute and soprano saxophone; 5’; commissioned by Conetube Reedwhistle.

THE ORIGIN OF HUMAN LOVE [2013]: soprano voice and alto saxophone; 10’; commissioned by KOEK; text by Sarah Manguso.

NEBRASKA IMPROMPTU [2012]: Bb clarinet and piano; 9’; commissioned by Michael Norsworthy.

HIDDEN FLOWERS [2012]: string quartet; 17’; commissioned by the Paul Jacobs Memorial Commissions Fund for the Tanglewood Music Center Festival of Contemporary Music.

ORIGAMI [2012]: bass clarinet and marimba, 13'; commissioned by Transient Canvas.

YELLOW PALE BLUE [2011] : alto flute, 4 percussionists; 9’; written for Jessi Rosinski and the Ludovico Ensemble.

TROUBLED QUEEN [2011]: flute, bass clarinet, trombone, 2 violins, viola, cello, piano, and percussion; 17’; written for the Callithumpian Consort.

MEMORIES OF 13 SNOWFLAKES [2011]: piano  4 hands; 7’; written for the Rivers Music School Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young.

SO NEAR, SO FAR [2011]: solo cello: 6’; written for Rhonda Rider.

TORRID NATURE SCENE 2 [2010]: alto flute, English horn, clarinet, horn, bassoon; 13’; written for the Radius Ensemble.

PALM AT THE END OF THE MIND {2010]: soprano, oboe d’amore, viola, piano; 15’; written for Karyl Ryzeck, Robert Sheena, Wayman Chin; text by Kay Ryan.

LIQUID, FRAGILE [2010]: clarinet, violin, viola, and cello; 12’; written for the Radius Ensemble.

HYPNAGOGIA [2009]: oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, harp, piano, and cimbalom; 57’; written for the Ludovico Ensemble.

UNRAVELING [2009]: flute, violin, viola, cello, harp; 13’; written for the IBIS Chamber Ensemble.

WEATHER PATTERNS [2009]: chorus and solo cello; 7’; written for the Master Singers of Lexington.

VIEW FROM MY WINDOW [2009]: trumpet and piano; 8’; written for Judson Scott.

BLOOM [2009]: English horn and Wind Ensemble; 17’; written for Robert Sheena and the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble.

RUMPELSTILTSKIN [2008]: chamber opera for soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor;  baritone, alto saxophone, violin, cello, and percussion; libretto by M. Epstein;  written for Guerilla Opera.

TENDRILS [2008]: 4 bassoons; 8’; written for the New England Bassoon Quartet.

SHEEP IN FOG [2007]: soprano and flute; 7’; written for Alicia DiDonato and Jennifer Ashe (Prana Duo).

QUARTET [2007]: English horn, violin, viola, cello; 8’; written for Robert Sheena in honor of the inauguration of the Longy School of Music president.

STRANGE LITTLE MOON [2007]: 2 pianos, 2 harps; 25’; written for John McDonald and Donald Berman.

HAVEN [2006]: solo piano; 17’; written for Paul Carlson.

CHORDS OF INQUIRY [2006]: cello quartet; 20’; written for Natasha Farny, Evelyn, Farny, and Eliza Jacques.

L’HOMME ARMÉ [2005]: brass quintet; 15’; written for the University of Iowa Brass Quintet.

COLOR WHEEL [2005]: concert band; 3’; written for the Foxborough (MA) Ahern Middle School seventh grade band.

AMERICAN ETUDES [1991-2005]: solo piano; 40'.

ANGEL OF MEMORY [2003]: cello, piano, and percussion, 13’; written for the CORE Ensemble.

CADENCE [2003]: violin, piano, and marimba, 5’; written for the ALEA III New Music Ensemble.

OPHELIA [2003]: solo flute, 3’; written for Nina Assimakopoulos.

IN SOFT REPOSE LET HIS SWEET EYELIDS CLOSE [2002]: flute, violin, and cello, 6’.

LUX [2002]: flute, violin, viola, and euphonium, 8’; written for the Nimbus Ensemble.

I BACI [2001]: soprano, mezzo-soprano, and harpsichord, 9’;  written for Favella Lyrica.

SEE, EVEN NIGHT [2001]: clarinet, viola, and piano, 21’;  written for Trio Capriccio.

CHANT [2001]: large ensemble, 13’; written for the Juneau Sinfonietta and the CrossSound Festival.

RING (2001): solo percussionist, 6’; written for students at the Rivers Music School.

TEMBLOR  [2000]: solo violin, 13’; written for Katie Lansdale.

HOTHOUSE [2000]: piano 4 hands, 7’; written for David Beyer and Gisela Krause.

THE STREETS OF LAREDO [2000]: 3 tenor soloists, SSAAB choir, 7’; written for the Brookline Chorus.

SHE FELL INTO A WELL OF SORROWS [1999]: piano and digital effects processor; 9’; commissioned by Kathleen Supové.

TWYLLE [1999]: chamber orchestra; 6’; commissioned by the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston.

BARCAROLLE [1999]: string trio, 13’; commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for the Adaskin String Trio;.

LENZ [1999]: baritone voice and piano, 7’; text by Wassily Kandinsky; written for Stephen Salters and Sheila Kibbe.

CHIMERA [1999]: 2 pianos, 13’; written for Sandra Hebert and Elaine Kwon.

THALIA [1998]: oboe d’amore and digital delay; 11’; written for Libby Van Cleve.

PETALS [1998]: guitar; 12’; written for Ulf Golnast.

PRINT [1998]: orchestra; 11’.

THE PORCELAIN TOWER OF NANKING [1998]: violin and guitar; 4’.

BLUFF [1997]: saxophone quartet; 7’; written for the Vienna Saxophone Quartet.

PUELLA TURBATA [1997]: string quartet; 13’; written for ALEA III New Music Ensemble.

VICTORIA’S SECRET [1997]: 2 cellos, 2 double basses, 2 pianos; 9’; written for the Tufts New Music Ensemble. 

LAZY SUSAN [1997]: cello and piano; 11’; first performance November 16, 1997.

FOLD [1996]: oboe, clarinet; bassoon; 8’; written for the New England Reed Trio.

THE RADIANT SISTERS [1995]: women’s choir and chamber orchestra; 14’;  written for Boston Conservatory of Music.

AQUA MARINE [1995]: piano; 3’.

AND [1995]: flute and piano; 17’; written for Marianne Gedigian.

SWIRL [1994]: viola, cello, and piano; 13’; written for the Fidelio Trio.

MARIE’S WALTZ [1994]: piano; 5’; written for Moritz Eggert.

CONCERTO FOR CELLO AND CHAMBER ENSEMBLE [1994]: solo cello, 4 cellos, 2 violins, 2 pianos 8 hands 3 marimbists;3 percussionists; 8’; commissioned by the Rivers Music School.

PRIVATE FANTASY BOOTH [1993]: flute, clarinet, piano, marimba, violin, and cello; 12’.

KLÄNGE (text by Wassily Kandinsky) [1993]: soprano; 13’; written for Maria Tegzes.

VOICES IN EMPTY ROOMS [1993]: piano; 7’; written for Angel Rivera.

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT [1992]: piano; 17’; written for Kathleen Supové; 

FLOWER WORLD; 3 poems from the Yaqui Deer Dance [1992]: chorus and chamber ensemble; 13’; commissioned by Boston University’s Marsh Chapel Choir.

HERO UND LEANDER [1991]: violin, viola; and cello; 30’; puppet theater piece  commissioned by Hans Werner Henze and the City of Munich.

JOHN DUNSTABLE’S HARP [1991]: harp; 9’; written for Susan Robinson.

BASSOON (text by Wassily Kandinsky) [1991]: soprano, double bass, piano; 8’;  written for the Hyperion Trio.

THE FIVE CHAIRS [1990]: brass quintet; 7’; commissioned by the New England Brass Quintet.

THE REASON FOR SKYLARKS [1990]: flute, clarinet, piano, xylophone; 6’; written for the 2nd Internationale Cantiere d’Arte; Montepulciano, Italy   

BIRTH (text by Faye Kicknosway) [1990]: mezzo-soprano, bassoon, marimba, violin; 10’; commissioned by Marimolin.

WATERBOWLS [1989]: piano; 9’; commissioned for Kathleen Supové by the  Music Teachers National Association.

THE PARTING GLASS [1989]: guitar; 12’; commissioned by David Tanenbaum.

ELEVEN BASHO HAIKU (text by Basho) [1989]: soprano and piano; 13’.

KINDERFARBEN [1988]: chamber ensemble; 12’.

FOR GUITARS AND CELLO [1988]: 4 guitars and cello; 9’; written for the Amorphous Consort.

CELESTIAL NAVIGATION [1988]: orchestra; 14’.

ENDGAME II [1987]: double bass; 8’.

ALBION MOONLIGHT [1987]: brass quintet; 10’; written for the Atlantic Brass Quintet.

BLUE LINES [1987]: string quartet; 9'.

GRAND ISLAND [1986]: piano, harp, 2 percussion; 17'.



Figure 88: pianist Kathleen Supové; CRI; 1990: waterbowls  

University of Iowa Brass Quintet; 1997: Five Chairs

Gitarre: guitarist Ulf Golnast; 1997: The Parting Glass

Five Chairs; Atlantic Brass Quintet; Summit Records; 2005; The Five Chairs

Infusion; Kathleen Supové; Koch International; 2005; She Fell into a Well of Sorrows

To Have and To Hold: Sequitur New Music Ensemble; Koch; 2007; Superstition

Deviation; Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble; Eric Hewitt, conductor; Robert Sheena, English horn; 2009; bloom



Albion Moonlight [brass quintet]; Encore Music Publishing Co.

White Stones [tuba and piano]; Encore Music Publishing Co.

Fold [reed trio]; Frank Warren Co.


All other music available from